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see Build Status

Grep inspired tool to find references inside JavaScript files.


npm install -g see



Current status

In development, minimal functionality (just prints matching lines so far).

Features it will have

  • when logging a match to the console, include the enclosing scope to provide context (i.e. show the entire function that contained the match instead of just the line on which the match was found)
  • to ignore matches found inside comments and/or strings
  • limit matches to function names, variable names, etc., only

Features it may have

  • syntax highlight matches
  • interactive mode supplementing cli
  • .see per project file for local defaults
  • .see per user file for global defaults

CLI options

  • --maxlines max num of lines per match (i.e. if containing function body is larger than that, we only print part of it)
  • --comments include matches found inside comments
  • --strings includes matches inside strings
  • --nowarn don't print warning when file was unparsable by acorn
  • --nocolor don't syntax highlight matches
  • --function match calls to functions and function declarations
  • --funcdec match function declarations only