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secure-callback Build Status

We all check that the callback function is available and if we forget to check we may end up strange errors. So how do we check? Let me write quickly, I believe you will remember :)

if (callback) {

This is a very simple package to remove these lines of code and also provides custom message when you forgot to provide callback. A simple class which takes 3 arguments and all optional.

  • First argument determines if you want to throw exception or not.
  • Second argument is a custom message when you provide something else than a function by mistake. (Default message : callback is not a function.)
  • Third argument is also a custom message when you forgot to provide the callback function. (Default message : callback should be defined.)


var securecallback = require('secure-callback');
var secure = new securecallback();
// In your function that has callback use secure.respond 
// Pass your callback and any number of arguments for your callback. 
function callbackTest(callback) {
    secure.respond(callback, null, 'success messsage');