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Search Algorithms

This is a repository of JavaScript implementations of the following search algorithms:

The search algorithms are designed to be as generic as possible, and require the following parameters to work (in this order):

  • An object position representing a position in a search state, or a node in a graph
  • A function isGoalPosition which, given a position object, tells us if this position represents the goal state (if no "goal state" exists, this function can just return false and the algorithm will search the whole state space).
  • A funciton getNeighbouringPositions which, given a position object, returns an array of the valid positions (or state spaces) next to the given position.
  • [Optional] a function arePositionsEqual which, given two position objects, tells us if they're equal. If not such function is supplied, the comparator == is used to test equality.

The A-Star Search algorithm takes an extra parameter heuristic which, given a position object, returns a number estimating how far it is from the goal space. Note: It's important that this function never over-estimates the distance to the goal.

Return Values

The search functions return a result object with the following information:

  • success: True or False depending on whether or not the search found the goal state
  • exploredPositions: A list of the positions explored in the search in the order in which they were explored.
  • goalPosition: A position obejct that represents the goal position (Only included if success is true)

Example Usage

An example usage of the search algorithms is included in the test/ directory, where each of the algorithms are used to search a maze for a goal. Consult any of these test functions to see how to use the algorithms.

The general pattern is as follows:

// CommonJS style import
var Searches = require('searches');

var result;
// Depth-First Search
result = Searches.DepthFirst.runSearch(origin, isGoalPosition, getNeighbouringPositions, arePositionsEqual);

// Breadth-First Search
result = Searches.BreadthFirst.runSearch(origin, isGoalPosition, getNeighbouringPositions, arePositionsEqual);

// A* Search
var result = Searches.AStar.runSearch(origin, isGoalPosition, getNeighbouringPositions, heuristic, arePositionsEqual);

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