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Seaquest is a command-line tool for quick restful requests directly from the command-line.

Getting started

To run Seaquest, make sure you have Node.js v6 or higher. Install Node.js via package manager.


The easiest way to install Seaquest is using npm. If you have Node.js installed, it is most likely that you have npm installed as well.

$ npm install -g seaquest-cli

This installs Seaquest globally on your system allowing you to run it from anywhere. If you want to install it locally, Just remove the -g flag.


Using Seaquest CLI

The seaquest command allows you to specify an endpoint to be called.

$ seaquest

If you have arguments to send in your request, just use the parameter -a, --arguments.

$ seaquest -a apikey=297b81a2 t=seaquest

Command Arguments

For the complete list or arguments you may inform -?, --help argument.

Argument Default Type Multiple Description Example
-e, --endpoint String No The remote address for the calling endpoint. The argument name may be suppressed when its value is the first argument seaquest
-a, --arguments String[] Yes The key and value strings for the arguments to be sent -a apikey=297b81a2 t=seaquest
-m, --method GET String No The method to be used for calling the endpoint seaqeuest -m GET
-h, --headers String[] Yes The key and value strings for the headers to be sent -h "X-User-Token: 1a2b3c4d" "X-Client-Agent: Seaquest-CLI"
-t, --timeout 30000 Number No The millisecond amount limit for receiving a response -t 10000
-b, --body String No The body content to be sent on request -b { "id": "string", "length": 5 }
-i, --iteration 1 Number No The number calls to be made. When higher than 1 the output is reduced. -i 5
-r, --iterationsIntervalTime 1000 Number No The millisecond interval between iterations calls -r 5000
-l, --responseLimit 5120 Number No The maximum size of response body to output in the console -l 300
-u, --uncutResponse false Boolean No Indicates if the response should not be limited -u
-j, --json false Boolean No Indicates if the response should be displayed as JSON -j
-v, --verbose false Boolean No Indicates if Seaquest should output all information about both request and response -v
-?, --help false Boolean No Indicates if help info should be shown instead of making any call to an endpoint -?


Please take a moment to analyse our source code. Open an issue first to discuss potential changes/additions.

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