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Seaport mdns

Seaport mdns

Seaport with mdns support


seaport-mdns listen -p 5000
var seaport = require('seaport-mdns')
seaport.find(function(ports) {
  ports.query(function(ps) {


The lib has the same api as a seaport with the following additions.

Creates a browser and call the callback with the first seaport server it finds. If is set, will it only callback when it finds a seaport server that matches the specified name.

Creates an instance of seaport.Browser

  • mdns info object

Emitted when a seaport server goes online

  • mdns info object

Emitted when a seaport servers goes offline

Start browsing

Stop browsing

Calls the listen method on the seaport server and creates and mdns advertisement.


To get the seaport mdns library, with npm do:

npm install seaport-mdns

To get the seaport-mdns command, do:

npm install -g seaport-mdns