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This package provides several scripts that assist in working with Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint packages using apt-get and related tools.

The scripts are packaged using npm for convenience.


sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm scripts-debian-pkg

The --unsafe-perm is needed so that npm will run the simple scripts/ script as root. Similarly, to uninstall:

sudo npm rm -g --unsafe-perm scripts-debian-pkg



pkg is a wrapper for apt-get and will automatically sudo if necessary.

# To install package abcde:
pkg abcde
pkg install abcde

# To download source code:
pkg source abcde

# Any other apt-get command should work here too:
pkg remove abcde

Also, pkg reinstall is a shortcut for apt-get install --reinstall.


pkg-info shows some information about the given package(s), including selected fields from apt-cache and whether or not the package is installed.

# Show basic information
pkg-info abcde

# Include package dependencies
pkg-info -d abcde