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Docker Executor

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Docker Executor for Screwdriver

This is an executor for the Screwdriver CD solution that interacts with Docker (local and swarm).


npm install screwdriver-executor-docker


The class has a variety of knobs to tweak when interacting with your Swarm instance.

Parameter Type Description
config Object Configuration Object
config.docker Object Dockerode configuration
config.ecosystem Object Screwdriver Ecosystem (ui, api, store, etc.)
config.fusebox Object Circuit Breaker configuration
config.launchVersion String Launcher container version to use (stable)
config.prefix String Prefix to container names ("")
const executor = new DockerExecutor({
    docker: {
        socketPath: '/var/lib/docker.sock'
    launchVersion: 'stable'


For more information on start, stop, and stats please see the executor-base.


npm test


Code licensed under the BSD 3-Clause license. See LICENSE file for terms.