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Based on and the incredible talent of: Rudolf Olah via

This package is for running protractor tests with a selenium server. when you're ready to take a screenshot enter screenshot('path/to/screenshots.png');

To make it work:

1. [Create the folder structure you want your screenshots to export to]

Because I'm using it with a CI server, and don't want the png files to be stored in git, I created generated/screenshots folders, and added a .gitignore that simply contains'\*.png The folder for the screenshots to export to must exist, or protractor will throw errors and fail tests.

2. Declare screensot as a global function

in your conf.js file locate or create your onPrepare function.

  onPrepare: function() {

inside your onPrepare, add this line:

  global.screenshot = require('screenshot-protractor').saveScreenshot;

3. [Advanced screenshoting]

also in my onPrepare function i've added


so that when I take a screenshot I can replace