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    A custom scratch-vm used to watch program status and output result about the program.

    Usage (English)

    By Bash:

    npm i -g scratch-judge
    scj -h
    scj src/index.js -p test/test.sb3 -d test/ -o 3
    # Do your own :D 

    By NodeJS:

    const judge = require('scratch-judge')
        projectFile: 'path/to/your/scratch/project/file',
        fileNameFormat: '#{n}',
        testFolder: 'path/to/your/test/folder',
        testpoints: 10,
        time: 1000,
        mem: 40960,
        turbo: true,
        format: false
    }).then((evt) => {
        evt.on('point', (result) => {
            // Emit when a point is finished its test.
        }).on('error', (err) => {
            // Emit when a point occurs an error.
        }).once('end', (results) => {
            // Emit when all the points are finished their test.
            // Result is an array contains all the result.

    CLI Description

    Run scj -h to check usage.

    API Description

    Promise judge(Object options) Start a test.

    If runs as command, it will output the testing result to stdout.

    Or if be invoke as module, it will return a Promise and resolve the result types of JSON.

    Here is a list of available options:

    • String projectFile Path to the scratch project which is supported by the Scratch 3.0 and needs to be tested.
    • String fileNameFormat Optional. The format of the file name. Will replace #{n} to the testing point number. Such as P1000-#{n} will be translated to P1000-1.in and P1000-1.out . Default is #{n}.
    • String testFolder Path to your test folder which is included your input file like 1.in 1.out in order.
    • Number testpoints Optional. The amount of testing points will be run. Default is 10.
    • Number time Optional. Time that each testing points can use. The unit is milliseconds. Default is 1000.
    • Number mem Optional. Memory that each testing points can use. The unit is kilobytes. Default is 25600 (25MB) if traceFullMemory is true , or it's 40960 (4MB).
    • Boolean turbo Optional. Using turbo mode to test. Default is true.
    • Boolean debug Optional. Output debug message to stdout. Default is false.
    • Boolean format Optional. Output formatted json result after test. Only be used in cli. Default is false, output unformatted result.
    • Boolean traceFullMemory Optional. Trace memory of the NodeJS runtime. Or it will subtract from the memory scratch-vm running to the memory before start testing. Default is true.

    Then it will return a promise will reslove with a JudgeEvent extends on EventEmitter, it will emit these events while testing:

    • point JudgeTestingPointResult Emit when a point is finished its test. It will return a value contain the result.
    • end JudgeTestingPointResult[] Emit when all points are finished their tests. It will return a array contains all result each testing point.
    • error Error Emit when a point occurred an error. But the other testing points will not stop and continue running.

    JudgeTestingPointResult struct:

    • number id Point number.
    • string status Result of the test. Such as AC, RE, TLE, MLE, WA.
    • string details Detail of result, it will contain error string if status is RE, or line number of wrong answer if status is WA.
    • Error error An error object if status is RE.
    • number usedTime Time that testing point has used. In milliseconds.
    • number usedMemory Memory that testing point has used. In kilobytes.
    • string[] answer An array of project output if status is WA.

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