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A simple node package scraping a web page and spitting the results in a CSV file.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install -g scrape2csv


Scraping is pretty straightforward :

var scrape2csv = require('scrape2csv');

//let's scrape a very cool website
var url_to_scrape = "";

var jquery_selector = "article";

//each article of the page will go through this
var handler = function($, elem, index){
	var title = $(elem).find("h2 a").text();
	var news_url = $(elem).find("p>a").attr("href");

	//returning a new row for the csv
	return [index,title,""+news_url];

//optional CSV header
var header = ["#", "Title of the article", "URL"];

scrape2csv.scrape("/tmp/echojs.csv", url_to_scrape, jquery_selector, handler, header);

Each element matching the jquery selector will call the handler provided as a parameter. The array returned by the handler will create a new csv line.

That's all folks!


Copyright (c) 2012 Fabien Allanic
Licensed under the MIT license.