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Node.js - scrap

A simple screen scraper module that uses jQuery style semantics.


In every screen scraper program that I wrote, I had to include request and cheerio. I would then have to check the response error object and the response code. It became a bit annoying. Hence this package.


npm install scrap

Quick and Dirty

var scrap = require('scrap');
scrap('', function(err, $) {
  console.log($('title').text().trim()); //Google 


scrap(options, callback)

options: Can either be a string url or an object containing options as key,value pair.

Options include:

  • url: The url to parse.
  • timeout: The number of milliseconds to wait before aborting the request.
  • proxy: The proxy string e.g.

callback: The callback function for a response. The function can include the following parameters:

  • err: The error object if it exists. If the response code is not 200 this will be set. This may be a poor design choice, time will tell.
  • $: jQuery object to use on the page.
  • code: HTTP response status code.
  • html: HTML or response body text.
  • resp: The actual response object.


This would not be possible without the great Node.js modules:


This module was written by JP Richardson. You should follow him on Twitter @jprichardson. Also read his coding blog Procbits. If you write software with others, you should checkout Gitpilot to make collaboration with Git simple.


(MIT License)

Copyright 2012, JP Richardson