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Template for static sites using coffee / sass / haml


scoffle is a tool for developing static websites using CoffeeScript, HAML and Compass / SASS

  • npm install -g scoffle
  • Install CoffeeScript, HAML, SASS and Compass

To setup a project, use scoffle init myproject. To start compiling and watching changes, simply do scoffle watch or scoffle.

scoffle can generate a basic template with sample coffeescript, haml and sass / compass files:

scoffle can watch file changes and automatically compile the files:

scoffle will nicely display error messages on the console by displaying surrounding lines:

scoffle currently supports terminal-notifier (Mac OS X >= 10.8), growlnotify (Mac OS X >= 10.7) and notify-send (Gnome) and will automatically send notifications on successful or failed compilations