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scion-shell provides a simple shell environment for the SCION SCXML interpreter. It accepts SCXML events via stdin, and thus can be used to integrate SCXML with shell programming.

scion-shell accepts a single argument which is a path to an SCXML file. It instantiates an SCXML interpreter from this SCXML file, and then accepts events via stdin.

scion-shell prints state ids on state entry and exit, so it can be used for demo purposes.

When invoking from a tty, stdin is the shell, so it can work as a simple SCXML interpreter shell.

scion-shell can also make the SCION interpreter available over the network using netcat.

netcat -l 8000 |  node scion-shell.js node_modules/scion/test/scxml-test-framework/test/basic/basic1.scxml

Events can then be sent in using netcat:

netcat localhost 8000