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    Cross-platform task scheduler for Node.js through CLI or API.

    1. Installation

    ~$ npm install -g schedulify

    2. Usage

    2.1. Usage of the API

    Import the API and call .schedulify(~):

    There are 2 properties accepted as parameters:

    • cron: {String} a valid cron date expression.

    • data: {String|Function|Object} information for the schedule. Depending on what it is:

    a) {String}: executes the string as a command-line order.

    b) {Function}: executes the JavaScript function as a callback.

    c) {Object}: executes the notification. Expects a title, a message and an icon (all of them {String}, and optional).

        cron: "* * * * * *",
        data: function() {
            console.log("[sec. " + new Date().getSeconds() + "] If you see this message every second, the test is passed.");

    Note that you can pass into data parameter, any:

    • {String}: will be executed as a command for the command-line of the current operative system.

    • {Function}: will be executed as a normal JavaScript callback.

    • {Object}: will be understood as a notifiable task. The object can have:

    a) message: {String} message to show in the notification.

    b) title: {String} title to show in the notification.

    c) icon: {String} path to the icon to show in the notification.

    2.1. Usage of the CLI

    Here you can see all the options available:

    schedulify {Parameters}
    option -s, --seconds [value]: Seconds.
    option -m, --minutes [value]: Minutes.
    option -h, --hours [value]: Hours.
    option -d, --days [value]: Day of the month.
    option -M, --months [value]: Months.
    option -w, --days-of-week [value]: Day of the week.
    option -c, --command [value]: Command to run.
    option -t, --title [value]: Title to show in a desktop notification.
    option -i, --info [value]: Message to show in a desktop notification.


    schedulify -s "*/5" -i "This is some message"

    This command will make schedulify show a desktop notification each 5 seconds.

    3. Conclusion

    A very simple tool that can be very useful. Thanks to the developers envolved in the middleware of this simple package.


    npm i schedulify

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