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    SCC.js - An SCC implementation in pure Node.js

    SCC.js can be used as an internal factory system to produce Transactions, On-Chain Scripts, Contracts and Signature creation/verification, all without any full node, RPC or cryptography necessary!

    For example, SCP Wallet (an Electron-based Lightwallet) uses SCC.js as it's internal wallet system.

    API Documentation

    The following docs assume that you've minimally imported the SCC.js library into your Node.js script, e.g:

    const SCC = require('scc-js');
    // The SCC module exposes two sub-modules, the Wallet and Signer modules
    // SCC.wallet
    // SCC.signer

    Wallet (Key Store)

    Generate Wallet (Promise)

    Creates a cryptographically-random SCC wallet key pair (Private Key and Public Key)

    const SCC = require('scc-js');
    // Async
    async function newWallet() {
        return await SCC.wallet.generateWallet(); // { 'pubkey': '...', 'privkey': '...' }
    // Callback
    SCC.generateWallet().then(cWallet => {
        // { 'pubkey': '...', 'privkey': '...' }

    Derive Public Key from Private Key

    Derives the public key from an existing WIF-encoded private key.

    • Decodes Base58 private keys by default, but can accept raw key bytes with an optional flag.
    • Returns a network-encoded, Base58 address by default, but can return a raw Secp256k1 public key with an optional flag.
    const SCC = require('scc-js');
    // Derive a native base58 SCC address (String)
    //                                           Private Key String
    const base58Address = SCC.wallet.pubFromPriv('base58_private_key');
    // Derive a raw Secp256k1 public key (Uint8Array)
    //                                    Private Key String,   fRaw,  fPubBytesOnly
    const pubKey = SCC.wallet.pubFromPriv('base58_private_key', false, true);
    // Derive a native base58 SCC address (String) from raw private key bytes (Uint8Array)
    //                                           Private Key String, fRaw
    const base58Address = SCC.wallet.pubFromPriv(uint8PrivKeyBytes,  true);

    Wallet (Transactions)

    // TODO!


    Create Signature (Promise)

    Creates a cryptographic signature of a given message, for a given private key.

    const SCC = require('scc-js');
    // Async
    async function signMessage(msg, privkey)) {
        return await SCC.signer.sign(msg, privkey); // Buffer([signature bytes]);
    // Callback
    SCC.signer.sign('hello world', 'WIF_private_key').then(cSig => {
        // Buffer([signature bytes]);

    Verify Signature (Promise)

    Verify the integrity and authorship of a message by it's public key and signature.

    const SCC = require('scc-js');
    // Async
    async function verifyMessage(msg, pubkey, cSig)) {
        return await SCC.signer.verify(msg, pubkey, cSig); // Boolean(true / false)
    // Callback
    SCC.signer.verify(msg, pubkey, cSig).then(fValid => {
        // Boolean(true / false)


    npm i scc-js

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