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Transform stream implemented using SAX parser


Transform stream for parsing large XML files. It is using SAX module internally. Emits objects: one object per each selected node.

  $ npm install sax-stream

Use as any transform stream: pipe request or file stream to it, pipe it downstream to another transform/writeable stream or handle data event.

var saxStream = require('sax-stream');
   strict: true,
    tag: 'item'
  .on('data', function(item) {

Create passing options object:

  • tag - name of the tag to select objects from XML file
  • highWaterMark - size of internal transform stream buffer - defaults to 350 objects
  • strict - default to false, if true makes sax parser to accept valid XML only
  • trim, normalize, lowercase, xmlns, position, strictEntities, noscript - passed to sax parser