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WILL NOT BE MAINTAINED; published fork pending update of main save-pixels package.

Saves an ndarray to an image.


var zeros = require("zeros")
var savePixels = require("save-pixels")
//Create an image 
var x = zeros([32, 32])
x.set(16, 16, 255)
//Save to a file 
savePixels(x, "png").pipe(process.stdout)

This writes the foll owing image to stdout:


npm install save-pixels

require("save-pixels")(array, type[, options])

Saves an ndarray as an image with the given format

  • array is an ndarray of pixels. Assumes that shape is [width, height, channels]

  • type is the type of the image to save. Currently supported formats:

    • "jpeg", "jpg" - Joint Photographic Experts Group format
    • "gif" - Graphics Interchange Format
    • "png" - Portable Network Graphics format
    • "canvas" - A canvas element
  • options is an object that alters saving behavior

    • quality is the Number to use for saved image quality

      • This can only be used with a "jpeg" image
      • It range between 1 (low quality) and 100 (high quality) inclusively

Returns A stream that you can pipe to serialize the result, or a canvas element if the type is "canvas".


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License