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saucenao api wrapper


This package is an api wrapper for SauceNAO.

const SauceNAO = require('saucenao')
let sauce = (await SauceNAO('picture.png')).json

SauceNAO(input[, options])

  • input string or object. An image url, filename, Buffer, or fs readable stream.
  • options object. Any extra parameters you would like to pass in the request body.
  • Returns Promise.
    • Resolves Response. A Node.js IncomingMessage with extra properties.
      • body string. The plain text body received from SauceNAO's servers.
      • json object. The body parsed as JSON (for your convenience).
    • Rejects Error. If anything goes wrong, you'll get an error.
      • response Response. If the error happened after the response was received (most likely because of a JSON parse error), the IncomingMessage that the promise resolves to will still be available here.
        It is likely that response.json will not have been defined yet, but you may be able to print out response.body to figure out what went wrong.

This function is fairly simple. It mostly just performs a request to SauceNAO for you, so that you can skip a couple function calls. It can work with local filepaths, urls that begin with http:// or https://, fs input streams, or even buffers.

After it receives a reply from SauceNAO, it'll attempt to parse it as JSON and add it to the Response object for your convenience. It'll return a promise that either resolves to this extended Response object or rejects an error containing as much of this extended Response object as it generated.

new SauceNAO(api_key)

If you have an api key, you can specify it by using this function like a constructor. This gives you a new function that works exactly the same way as the function above, but your requests will be authenticated.

const SauceNAO = require('saucenao')
let mySauce = new SauceNAO('api_key here')
mySauce(imageDataBuffer).then((response) => {
  console.log('Request successful')
}, (error) => {
  console.error('Request encountered an error')


npm i saucenao

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