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Themes for sass


Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

Themes for sass using the bourbon mixin library.

Icons kindly provided by font awesome.

A theme based on the popular solarized colour palette.

Use npm to install:

npm install sassy

How you use the sassy themes in a project that uses an npm installation in to node_modules depends upon your requirements.

If you just want to use the precompiled css then copy it to your public css location and reference as per normal within your markup.

Currently, the sass executable does not allow any command line options that set the load paths and does not seem to respect the $SASS_PATH environment variable, therefore the recommended way to use the scss files in a theme is to create symbolic links using relative paths.

For example assuming your styles are stored in src/sass and you want to create all theme symbolic links in src/sass/solarized do:

cd src/sass/solarized
ln -sf ../../../node_modules/sassy/common/*.scss .
ln -sf ../../../node_modules/sassy/themes/solarized/sass/*.scss .

And then in the main style.scss stored in src/sass include the files with:

@import "solarized/sassy.scss";
// custom styles and overrides ...

You can view an example of this setup in this vim repository, see tasks.css.symlink in the tasks file and style.scss for the import declaration; all the files in src/sass/solarized are just relative symbolic links.

Note that if you are using a ruby based build process you may be able to take advantage of the Sass.load_paths to avoid using symbolic links.

Some information for working with the repository.

  • bash >= 4.2
  • sass (depends on ruby+gem)

Install sass if you don't have it with:

gem install sass

Then fetch all package dependencies with:

npm install

To compile all themes from scss to css run:

./bake cssc

Everything is MIT. Read the license if you feel inclined.