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Plugin for sass-extract to convert Sass global variables into a plain JS object.

Huh? Why?

I work on a team that uses Sass. We've got a shared variables file that gets referenced throughout our styleguide and in our components. I wanted to start using styled-components in some projects and wanted to keep things consistent but I didn't want to have to copy our Sass variables over. Using this plugin with sass-extract, I can simply extract the global variables from our Sass stylesheet and they will be converted into a JS object that gets passed down to my components via styled-components' <ThemeProvider>.

Cool! How do I get it?

You'll need to install sass-extract, sass-extract-loader, node-sass, and this plugin.

$ yarn add sass-extract sass-extract-loader node-sass sass-extract-js

(npm install works too)

Nice! How do I use it?

Assuming you're using webpack, you'll need to use sass-extract-loader to require/transform your sass variables file. Then you can pass the styles as a theme via a ThemeProvider component like this:

// Require your sass variables using sass-extract-loader and specify the plugin
const theme = require('sass-extract-loader?{"plugins":["sass-extract-js"]}!./path/to/vars.scss');
// Pass the vars into your ThemeProvider component
  <ThemeProvider theme={theme}>
    <App />

Then use themes in your styled components:

import styled from 'styled-components';
const Button = styled.button`
  background-color: ${p => p.theme.primary}

Sweet! What does the output look like?

Given a Sass file with some global variable declarations:

$primary: rgb(255, 202, 77);
$seondary: #1A93C8;
$primary-light: lighten($primary, 20%);
$base-padding: 10px;
$base-margin: 0 1em;
$base-border: 1px solid #ccc;
$font-family-sans: 'Helvetica''Arial'sans-serif;
$base-font-size: 16px;
$line-height: $base-font-size * 1.8;

It will yield the following object:

  primary: 'rgb(255, 202, 77)',
  seondary: 'rgb(26, 147, 200)',
  primaryLight: 'rgb(255, 232, 179)',
  basePadding: '10px',
  baseMargin: '0 1em',
  baseBorder: '1px solid rgb(204, 204, 204)',
  fontFamilySans: '\'Helvetica\'\'Arial\', sans-serif',
  baseFontSize: '16px',
  lineHeight: '28.8px'

Right on! But I need options.

Everybody loves options and we've got one:

Option Name Default Description
camelCase true Should SASS variable names be converted to camelCase

Options Usage

sass-extract Plugin Options

As of sass-extract 2.0.0, options can be passed to plugins. Here's how:

const rendered = sassExtract.renderSync({
  file: './path/to/vars.scss'
}, {
  plugins: [{ plugin: 'sass-extract-js', options: { camelCase: false } }]

Plugin Instance

You can also create a plugin instance with your desired options and pass the instance directly inside the plugins array.

// Import the plugin factory directly
import createSassExtractJsPlugin from 'sass-extract-js/lib/plugin';
// Create a plugin instance, passing in your options
const sassExtractJsPlugin = createSassExtractJsPlugin({ camelCase: false });
// Call the `renderSync` function with the path to your Sass file
// and pass the plugin instance in the plugins array
const rendered = sassExtract.renderSync({
  file: './path/to/vars.scss'
}, {
  plugins: [sassExtractJsPlugin]

Using transformVars directly

If, for some reason, you don't want to use this package as a sass-extract plugin, you can import the transformVars function directly and use it. This is the main function that gets called in sass-extract's plugin pipeline. It expects as its input an object with extracted SASS variables, as generated by sass-extract. The function also accepts an options object.

// Import the transformVars method directly
import transformVars from 'sass-extract-js/lib/transformVars';
// Call the function, passing in your options
const transformed = transformVars(objectWithExtractedStyles, { camelCase: false });

Wait! What if I don't use styled-components?

No problem! I made this so I could use the extracted JS object as a theme but it's not specific to styled-components. It should work the same with glamorous too. Really you can use this plugin for any scenario where you need to convert Sass vars to JS.

Help! It's not working for me.

This project is open source. I've tried to make sure it works for a lot of use cases (read: mine) but if I missed yours, feel free to open an issue. Better yet, submit a PR! Seriously, any feedback and help is welcome.



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