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    • zero dependencies!
    • aiming for 100% test coverage, currently @ ~70%
    • express.js syntax like with raw http performance
    • setup & middlewares should work right out of the box with your expressjs project
    • this is still "work in progress"!

    currently in TODO

    • improving performance for inc. connections (not better than expressjs on benchmark results with keep-alive missing)
    • implement more express apis, a lot of stuff is still missing e.g. res.type(), app.disable()
    • implement custom cookie, query & body parser that can be toggled via config
    • microbench to reach 99,5% performance of raw http module
    • improve test coverage to 100%

    run example

    • via npm start

    run tests

    • via npm test

    run benchmarks

    npm run benchmark sandshark
    npm run benchmark express
    npm run benchmark raw
    npm run benchmark restify
    npm run benchmark hapi
    • or run all benchmarks in comparison via npm run benchmarks or npm run benchmark all

    • to compare expressjs and sandshark run npm run compare

    • each benchmark will spawn a server and worker making requests in their own child processes

    • the loadtest worker is limited to a single thread and makes at least 2500 requests

    • the benchmarks currently lack additional features such as body parsing, query params, path variables and cookies

    • there is a good chance to have far more place for optimizations

    • since hapi feels rather slow, feel free to send a pull requests if you think that I got something wrong

    benchmark results

    • on a MacBook Air 11' 2014 Intel i5 quad @ 1.4 GHz
    • node version 6.5.0 & server modules are present in package.json devDependencies
      { raw: 1725 },
      { sandshark: 1692 },
      { express: 1223 },
      { restify: 1084 },
      { hapi: 687 }
    • with keep-alive turned off
      { express: 488 },
      { raw: 426 },
      { sandshark: 373 },
      { restify: 318 },
      { hapi: 314 }


    • i started this project after reading Node Performance hapi vs express vs restify
    • since their benchmarks are from March 2015, i guess they are outdated ;)
    • in their benchmarks raw http performance hits 8500 req/s and express only 3000 req/s
    • my benchmarks actually show expressjs way closer to raw http performance so another guess is that their benchmarks contain possible errors, sadly they have not posted them online


    • i would love to have further discussions on this, so please feel free to open issues or hit me up on twitter @silentleave or my website


    npm i sandshark

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