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If you are an online merchant and using FeeFighters' Samurai gateway, this node.js module will make your life easy. Integrate with the portal and process transactions.


Install Samurai just like any other node module, using npm:

npm install samurai

Then require the samurai module into your app:

var samurai = require('samurai')


Use the Samurai.setup method to get the Samurai module ready for action. You should pass an object, containing your merchant credentials as a parameter. Here's an example:

  merchant_key:       'your_merchant_key',
  merchant_password:  'your_merchant_password',
  processor_token:    'your_default_processor_token'

The processor_token param is optional. If you set it, samurai.Processor.the_processor will return the processor with this token. You can always call samurai.Processor.find('an_arbitrary_processor_token') to retrieve any of your processors.

Samurai API Reference

See the API Reference for a full explanation of how this gem works with the Samurai API.