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    List of common sample rates.

    Sample rate Meaning
    8,000 Hz Adequate for human speech but without sibilance. Used in telephone/walkie-talkie.
    11,025 Hz Used for lower-quality PCM, MPEG audio and for audio analysis of subwoofer bandpasses.
    16,000 Hz Used in most VoIP and VVoIP, extension of telephone narrowband.
    22,050 Hz Used for lower-quality PCM and MPEG audio and for audio analysis of low frequency energy.
    44,100 Hz Audio CD, most commonly used rate with MPEG-1 audio (VCD, SVCD, MP3). Covers the 20 kHz bandwidth.
    48,000 Hz Standard sampling rate used by professional digital video equipment, could reconstruct frequencies up to 22 kHz.
    88,200 Hz Used by some professional recording equipment when the destination is CD, such as mixers, EQs, compressors, reverb, crossovers and recording devices.
    96,000 Hz DVD-Audio, LPCM DVD tracks, Blu-ray audio tracks, HD DVD audio tracks.
    176,400 Hz Used in HDCD recorders and other professional applications for CD production.
    192,000 Hz Used with audio on professional video equipment. DVD-Audio, LPCM DVD tracks, Blu-ray audio tracks, HD DVD audio tracks.
    352,800 Hz Digital eXtreme Definition. Used for recording and editing Super Audio CDs.
    384,000 Hz Highest sample rate available for common software. Allows for precise peak detection.

    See sample rates table.


    npm install sample-rate

    const rates = require('sample-rate')
    rates // [8000, 11025, ... 384000]



    npm i sample-rate

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