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Note: Although this is working, this project is still under development and you should not use it for production because the API may still change.

What is SAM-JS

SAM-JS is a lightweight library for building applications in the SAM architecture.

It intends to extend the discussion about SAM happening in Gitter.

What is SAM

SAM is a new reactive/functional pattern that simplifies Front-End architectures by clearly separating the business logic from the view and, in particular, strictly decoupling back-end APIs from the Front-End. SAM is technology independent and as such can be used to build Web Apps or Native Apps. It is also protocol independent and can be implemented over HTTP, WebSockets...

SAM is unapologetically driven by simplicity and challenges the complexity of frameworks like Google's Angular or Facebook's React+JSX+Flux/Redux+Saga+Thunk+GraphQL+Relay.


Developer tools



Check the working example with devtools.

The gist

Increases the counter by clicking INC. Launches when counter reaches 10.

import { createModel } from 'sam'
// Input: Current store, dataset presented 
// Output: New store 
const container = (store = {}, dataset = {}) => {
  if (dataset.increaseBy !== undefined) {
    store.counter += dataset.increaseBy
  if (dataset.launch) {
    store.launched = true
  return store
// Input: Store (from Model) 
// Output: State (to View and nap) 
const state = store => {
  return {
    counter: store.counter,
    launchImminent: (store.counter == 9),
    hasLaunched: (store.launched ? true : false),
// Input: State 
// Output: NAP, i.e. a function which accepts a function (present) and may or may not call it 
const nap = state => {
  return present => {
    if (state.counter == 10 && state.hasLaunched != true) {
      present({ launch: true })
const initialStore = {
  counter: 0
// Input: Model 
// Output: Dispatch, i.e. a function which accepts an action and presents values to the model 
const createDispatch = present => action => {
  switch (action.type) {
    case 'INC':
      present({ increaseBy: 1 })
const model = createModel(container, state, nap, initialStore)
const dispatch = createDispatch(model.present)
// You may render the View however you wish 
// e.g. with React 
import React from 'react'
import { render } from 'react-dom'
model.subscribe(state => {
    <App state={state} dispatch={dispatch} />,


  • JJ Dubray for the SAM architecture and starting the discussion around it.
  • Redux for promoting many awesome ideas happening in the community.
  • Jonah Fox for handing over the sam NPM package name.