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    Secure audit logging records the user’s actions on content and enables detection of some forms of tampering with the logs. Sally provides strong cryptographic assurances that data stored before a system compromise cannot be modified after the compromise without detection.

    Getting started npm version

    Install with npm

    > npm install sally-js

    with express

    var express = require('express');
    var sally = require('sally-js');
    var app = express();
    app.use({ secret: 'a not secure secret' }));

    Produces an audit trail of each request that modifies a resource or returns an error status code (4xx or 5xx).

    { audit: 
       { who: 'anonymous',
         when: '2015-11-12T05:38:22.159Z',
          { client: '::ffff:',
            host: '',
            server: 'richardschneider-sally-2123745' },
         why: 'POST',
         what: '/something/2',
         status: 201 },
      digest: 'DVSJZKM0xASOu76y3X/VNjZ4FuTb/P3OXW9MiS5vV/w=' }
    { audit: 
       { who: 'anonymous',
         when: '2015-11-07T11:00:06.005Z',
         where: { server: 'RoadWarrior' },
         why: 'GET',
         what: '/something/unknown',
         status: 404 },
      digest: 'xUTQHAbg8W+mZkRy4zsUs8bVw2NK/e0JZd/vNbkujRg=' } takes th following options object

    property description
    methods An array of HTTP method that will trigger an audit. Any status above 399 will also trigger an audit. The default is ['POST', 'PUT', 'DELETE', 'PATCH'].
    user a function(req) that should return the user name or ID or both. Defaults to req => 'anonymous'.
    hostname The name of the server. Defaults to os.hostname().
    prefix A prefix for each audit log file. Defaults to 'express-'.

    with javascript

    var sally = require('sally');
    new sally.AuditTrail({ secret: 'a not secure secret' });
    sally.log('hello world');
    sally.log({ user: 'x', operation: 'login'})

    with command line

    sally --help
      Usage: sally-cli <cmd>
        verify <file>  verify the audit trail file, glob wildcards allowed
        list <file>    petty print the audit trail file
      Secure audit log manager
        -h, --help           output usage information
        -V, --version        output the version number
        -s, --secret [text]  the secret for the audit trail, defaults to the environment variable "sallySecret"
        -v, --verbose        verbose


    Sally uses the secret to generate the HMAC digest which provides the strong cryptographic assurances. It can be set with sally.configure({ secret: ...}) or with{ ... }). However, this means that the secret is in your code and possible also in the repo.

    To avoid the above issue, Sally will use the value of the environment variable SallySecret, if present, as the secret value.




    npm i sally-js

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