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Provides easy access to solr from Sails.js & Waterline.

This module is a Waterline/Sails adapter, an early implementation of a rapidly-developing, tool-agnostic data standard. Its goal is to provide a set of declarative interfaces, conventions, and best-practices for integrating with all sorts of data sources.

The main goal is a simple usage and integration of a full managaged Solr.

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To install this adapter, run:

$ npm install sails-solr

Getting started with sails-solr

To install/start solr if you not have one running

make kickstart

Note: not recommended for production systems! Solr installation Tomcat for more

Configuring Connections

Add the solr configuration to the config/connections.js file. The basic options are as follows:

module.exports.connections = {
  solrConnectionOne: {
    module : 'sails-solr',
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 8983,
    core: 'schemaless',
    schema: true,
    migrate: 'drop'

Note: you can define multiple solr connections/cores. By default sails-solr will run multiple models inside one core manageCores. Connection Options

Configuring Models

And then change default model configuration to the config/models.js:

module.exports.models = {
  connection: 'solrConnectionOne',
  attributes: {

Note: you can add more model based configuartion Model Options / Connection Options


create a user:


find a user:


Note: See Waterline Documentation Query Language and Query Methods

Special Adapter Interfaces


search suggestion and spellchecked phrase. Known as "Did You Mean: foo?"

  // as sails request  see hooks and blueprint
  // http://localhost:1337/user/suggest/foa

  // in node
  User.suggest('foa', console);

  "responseHeader": {
    "status": 0,
    "QTime": 1
  "spellcheck": {
    "suggestions": [
        "numFound": 1,
        "startOffset": 0,
        "endOffset": 9,
        "origFreq": 0,
        "suggestion": [
            "word": "foo",
            "freq": 1
    "correctlySpelled": false,
    "collations": [
  "suggest": {
    "suggest": {
      "foa": {
        "numFound": 2,
        "suggestions": [
            "term": "foo",
            "weight": 0,
            "payload": ""
            "term": "foo bar",
            "weight": 0,
            "payload": ""

Layerd Navigation

Well known as filter. facet for strings and min,max,avg for ìnteger to build Options and Range Slider Elemets. Query Methods

  // as sails request  see hooks and blueprint
  // http://localhost:1337/user/catalog/?name="*"&limit=3&sort=age asc&skip=0

  // in node

      "sort":"percent asc",
  "facet_counts": {
    "facet_queries": {},
    "facet_fields": {
        "name": [
    "facet_dates": {},
    "facet_ranges": {},
    "facet_intervals": {},
    "facet_heatmaps": {}

Supported Waterline Interfaces

Type Methods Build
Semantic create, createEach, find, count, update, destroy Build Status
Migratable define, describe, drop, alter, addAttributes, remove, attributes, addIndex, removeIndex Build Status
Queryable where, limit, sort, skip, select Build Status

Note: See Waterline Documentation

Special Adapter Interfaces

Type Methods Build
Suggest suggest. Return on Object with suggestions and spellecked the requestet term or phrase Build Status
Catalog catalog. Return an Object with matching results and Layered Navigation as facet and stats Build Status

Advanced Configuration

Connection Options

Params Default Description
host 'localhost'
port '8983'
core 'schemaless'
manageCores true create cores if not exists CoreAdmin
schema true allow migrate drop, alter schema manage schema
single false force manageCores to create a core for each model
fieldTypeMap fieldTypes Field Type Map
useFqParam true force query mapping as fq=name:foo param
schemaDefaultFieldTypes {}
debugAdapter false
debugCollection false
debugQuery false
debugSolr false

Model Options

  attributes: {
    first_name: {
      // Overwrite per Field
      schemaDefaultFieldAttributes: {
        indexed: true,
        type: 'text_de'
  // Overwrite per Model
  schemaDefaultFieldAttributes: {
    indexed: false

Field Type Map

The following table represents mappings between Sails/Waterline model data types and Solr field types:

Sails/Waterline Type Solr Type
string text_general
text text_general
binary text_general
integer int
float float
date date
time date
datetime date
boolean boolean
binary text_general
array text_general
json text_general
point point

Note: You can even define your custom mapping as fieldTypeMap: inside connection settings and as model option. If you want a field type explicit mapping use fieldType as additional fieldTypeMapattribute

Solr default field attributes

The following table represents Solr field attributes:

Solr Field Attributes Default
name newField
type text_general
indexed true
stored true
docValues false
sortMissingFirst false
sortMissingLast false
multiValued false
omitNorms true
omitTermFreqAndPositions false
omitPositions false
termVectors true
termPositions false
termOffsets false
termPayloads false
required false
dynamicField false
json text_general

Note: You can even define your custom field attribute default as schemaDefaultFieldAttributes: inside connection settings and as model option. If you want a field attribute explicit you can add this attribute as an additional option inside the Model attribute settings

Running the tests

$ npm test


  • more test
  • documentation
  • cleanup and refactoring
  • build an e-commerce like demo application with autocomplete and layerd navigation

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