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sackets is an easy to use and highly extendable typed mongo db like query based TypeScript ActiveRecord library for browser and node js with code generation

Quick Start

  • Install with npm
npm install sackets --save
  • Create a models.js (or models.json if you prefer json) file for meta information of your models similar to the following
module.exports = {
    "Item": {
        "id": "number", // required 
        "name": "string",
        "price": "number",
        "category": "Category", // belongs to 
        "toString": "name" // string representation of Item object 
    "Category": {
        "id": "number",
        "name": "string",
        "items": "ItemCollection", // has many 
        "toString": "name"
  • Create a modelsgen.js file in your project with the following content
var generator = require('sackets/generator');
var models = require('./models'); // get the model meta created above 
var path = require('path');
    models: models,
    path: path.resolve(__dirname + '/app/models'), // the path where code will be generated. 
  • Run modelsgen script with node
node modelsgen.js
  • Files will be generated as following
- app
    - models
        - base
            - Category.ts // Generated every time overwriting the existing. Contains generated code based on the meta information 
            - Item.ts
            - index.ts
        - Category.ts // Generated first time only, if not exists. Contains your custom code 
        - CategoryCollection.ts
        - Item.ts
        - ItemCollection.ts
        - index.ts // barrel file exporting all the models 
  • Place your custom code in app/models/Item.ts for single item queries or in app/models/ItemCollection.ts for item collection queries
// app/models/ItemCollection.ts
import {ItemCollection as ItemCollectionBase} from './base/index';
import {Category} from './Category';
export class ItemCollection extends ItemCollectionBase {
    findExpensiveByCategory(category: Category){
        return this.find({
            price: {$gt: 100},
            $sort: {price: -1}
        }); // typed query filter
  • Use the code in your components or services
import {Item, Category} from 'app/models/index';
class MyComponent {
    category = Category.model({id: 20});
    items = Item.collection();
        this.items.findExpensiveByCategory(category).then(()=> {
            // now `this.items` collection has expensive items
        }).catch((err: any)=> {


Unlike other frameworks, sackets self-fills the object(s) which makes it a perfect data handling library for data binding frameworks like Angular.

    <li *ngFor="let item of items">
        {{ }} {{ item.price }}