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Demo can be found here

A larger example setup can be found here

Basic Setup

npm install fullpage-react

Each component from Fullpage-React requires its own block of options ######Component Option Boilerplate

const React = require('react');
const {Fullpage, Slide, TopNav, SideNav} = require('fullpage-react');
let fullPageOptions = {
  // for mouse/wheel events
  // represents the level of force required to generate a slide change on non-mobile, 100 is default
  threshold: 100,
  // for touchStart/touchEnd/mobile scrolling
  // represents the level of force required to generate a slide change on mobile, 100 is default
  sensitivity: 100
let topNavOptions = {
  footer: false, //topNav can double as a footer if true
  align: 'left', //also supports center and right alignment
  //styles to apply to children
  activeStyles: {backgroundColor: 'white'},
  hoverStyles: {backgroundColor: 'yellow'},
  nonActiveStyles: {backgroundColor: 'gray'}
// all children are spans by default, for stacked buttons,
// just wrap your nested components/buttons in divs
let sideNavOptions = {
  right: '2%', //left alignment is default
  top: '50%', //top is 50% by default
  //styles to apply to children
  activeStyles: {color: 'white'},
  hoverStyles: {color: 'yellow'},
  nonActiveStyles: {color: 'gray'}
Fullpage Component Boilerplate

The Component Itself Allows all content to be placed within Slide components as well as whatever iterators you want for TopNav and SideNav.

NOTE: In the render method, navCount should equal the same amount of Slides you wish to use in order to ensure proper nav click/hover behavior

class FullpageReact extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {active: 0};
    this.updateActiveState = this.updateActiveState.bind(this);
  updateActiveState(newActive) {
    this.setState({'active': newActive});
  shouldComponentUpdate(nP, nS) {
    //ensure hoverStyles and activeStyles update
    return !=;
  onMouseOver(idx) {
    this.setState({'hover': idx});
  onMouseOut(e) {
    this.setState({'hover': null});
  compareStyles(component, idx) {
    return idx == ? component.activeStyles : idx == this.state.hover ? component.hoverStyles : component.nonActiveStyles
  render() {
    let navCount = 3;
    let navArr = [];
    for (let i = 0; i < navCount; i++) {
    return (
      <Fullpage active={this.updateActiveState}>
        <TopNav {...topNavOptions}>
          {, idx) => {
            return <span key={idx} ref={idx}>Slide {idx}</span>
          }, this)}
        <Slide style={{backgroundColor: '#61DAFB'}}>
          <div id="title">Fullpage React</div>
        <Slide style={{backgroundColor: '#2B2C28'}}></Slide>
        <Slide style={{backgroundColor: '#EFCB68'}}></Slide>
        <SideNav {...sideNavOptions}>
          {, idx) => {
            return <div key={idx} ref={idx}>&#x25CF;</div>
          }, this)}
module.exports = FullpageReact;

Active/Hover state can be applied either functionally like in this demo, or just by passing classNames or Ids to your iterators.

example: This method works for those that prefer to change user interaction with Nav within react itself.

<TopNav className='topNav' {...topNavOptions}>
  {, idx) => {
    return <span key={idx} ref={idx} style={this.compareStyles(topNavOptions, idx)}
      onMouseOver={() => this.onMouseOver(idx)} onMouseOut={() => this.onMouseOut()}>Slide {idx}</span>
  }, this)}

But this works just fine too, if you'd rather handle it from the DOM/CSS

<TopNav className='topNav' {...topNavOptions}>
  {, idx) => {
    return <span className="topNavButton" key={idx} ref={idx}>Slide {idx}</span>
  }, this)}
.topNavButton:hover {
  color: green;

Each Component from Fullpage-React contains a class to grab after render by default but these can be overridden.

<TopNav className='myCustomTopNav' {...topNavOptions}> //defaults to 'topNav' if none is provided
  {, idx) => {
    return <span key={idx} ref={idx}>Slide {idx}</span>
  }, this)}


  • Implement horizontal sliders
  • UI Tests