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node package to watch and sync s3 buckets to file system


npm install s3ync


uses a file named 'auth', default is ./auth, override with -c [config file]

config file must be in JSON { "key":"access key", "secret":"secret key", "bucket":"bucket name" }

Bucket is optional in the config, it can be set or overriden with -b --bucket [bucket name]

Pull from a bucket using -p --pull, and set the directory with -d or --dir [dir]. dir is '.' by default

Without the pull option, s3ync will push a args list of files up to the specified bucket.

s3ync -c config/auth -b mybucket *.js

Above command will push all js files up to mybucket

s3ync -h | --help output

Usage: s3ync.bin [options] <file ...>


-h, --help             output usage information
-c, --config [file]    config file of s3 credentials
-b, --bucket [value]   override or set bucket with this value
-p, --pull             Pull from bucket
-d, --dir [directory]  Directory to write files