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Fast command-line tool to upload a directory to an AWS S3 bucket and optionally invalidate the associated AWS CloudFront distribution. By default all uploaded files will be public. Per bucket caching is done in local .s3front.json file to avoid uploading the same file.


npm install s3front -g


  Usage: s3front [options]


    -h, --help                         output usage information
    -V, --version                      output the version number
    -k, --key <key>                    aws key access id
    -s, --secret <secret>              aws secret access key
    -b, --bucket <name>                bucket name
    -q, --quiet                        quiet mode
    -r, --region <name>                region if not in US standard
    -c, --cachecontrol <stringvalue>   cache control aws putObject param
    -i, --invalidate                   after upload find first cloudfront distribution which has an alias similar to the bucket name and invalidates its content

Example The content of website_dir will be uploaded to the S3 bucket named website. If the upload is successful and a distribution containing an alias website is found, the whole distribution will be invalidated.

cd website_dir;
s3front -k xxx -s xxx -b website;