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Utility for batch uploading files to S3. This is a rough-and-ready script developed for personal use, YMMV. It assumes you are using the AWS Node SDK - refer to the docs at


var S3Batch, batch;
S3Batch = require( 's3-batch' );
// you need to have your own s3 instance set up 
batch = new S3Batch( s3 );
// optionally you can provide default parameters as a second argument 
batch = new S3Batch( s3, { Bucket: 'my-bucket', ACL: 'public-read' });

Instance methods

batch.add( key, data[, params] );
Adds a new file to the queue. params extend the defaults, and are as per the s3.putObject parameters (

batch.on( eventName, callback );
Adds an event callback (see Instance events below)

Starts uploading

Instance properties

The S3 instance we initialised with
The number of files in the queue
The number of bytes in the queue

The number of files successfully uploaded

The number of bytes successfully uploaded

Instance events

Below, file as a callback argument refers to an object containing key, data and params objects as originally passed in to batch.add

Fired when a file is successfully uploaded. Callbacks receive file

Fired when a file is successfully uploaded. Callbacks receive a number between 0 and 1, indicating batch progress. The number of bytes or files completed can be accessed using the instance properties listed above

Fired when a file fails to upload. Callbacks receive file

Fired when all files have successfully uploaded (if any uploads result in an error, this will never fire)