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    Node module for recursive directory search for text in files and obtain results as either RxJS observable or promise


    rx-text-search carries out regex searches for text in files and returns matched results.

    • Accepts regex search patterns for text search in files.
    • Searches files under user provided directory(s) or process directory (process.cwd()).
    • Returns results either as a RxJS observable or promise;

    Getting Started

    Install with NPM - npm install --save rx-text-search


    Getting RxJS observable back

    var TextSearch = require('rx-text-search');
    // Find .txt files containing "sometext" in test/doc and all its sub-directories
    TextSearch.find('sometext', '**/*.txt', {cwd: 'test/doc'})
        function (result) {
          // do something with result
        function (err) {
          // handle error

    Getting promise back

    var TextSearch = require('rx-text-search');
    // Find .txt files containing "sometext" in test/doc and all its sub-directories
    TextSearch.findAsPromise('sometext', '**/*.txt', {cwd: 'test/doc'})
      .then(function (result) {
        // do something with result
      .catch(function (err) {
        // handle error


    TextSearch.find(searchTextPattern, filesPattern, options)

    Name Type Argument Description
    searchTextPattern string/array <required> Text to be searched. Could be literal or regex pattern. Provide multiple in form of an array of strings.
    filesPattern string/array Files to be considered for search. String in glob format. Provide multiple in form of an array of strings. Pass null or undefined in case you don't want to provide it but need to provide options object. It defaults to '**' (all files) in such case.
    options object It uses node-glob underneath and supports its options. One of the post important options is cwd. If provided, the relative file patterns are interpreted relative to it. You might want to use it most of the times.

    Returns a RxJS observable that returns result object in following format -

    Name Type Description
    file string file name
    line integer line number that the matched result was found on.
    term string The search term
    text string the entire line(s) that the matched result was found in.

    The returned observable emits an error in case of any exception (like invalid arguments or exception while reading file).

    TextSearch.findAsPromise(searchTextPattern, filesPattern, options)

    The input is same as above.

    Returns a promise that is resolved with array of result objects with structure mentioned above. The returned promise is rejected in case any exception (like invalid arguments or exception while reading file).


    In lieu of a formal style guide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality.


    Copyright © 2015 Omkar Patil

    Licensed under the MIT license.


    npm i rx-text-search

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