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A sodium-browserify example for runtime.js


Clone the repo, cd into it, then...

npm install
npm start
# (make sure you have qemu-system-x86_64)

After a few seconds, qemu should appear! Wait about 3 seconds, and 3 numbers should appear, separated by comma, that's libsodium's randomness! Wait a bit more and you should see 'test' appear! That's a message that has been encrypted and decrypted by libsodium.

Of course, you can change index.js to call any libsodium-wrappers function you want. Hack it all you want!


runtime-sodium-example uses a modified version of runtimeify (modifed version's link) that includes runtime-node-crypto (in order to actually get libsodium working) combined with runtimejs >= 0.1.25.