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A Barebones module based irc bot.

==== ## Install

git clone git://
cd rulio
npm install
cp config.json.example config.json

Edit config.json to your needs.


node server


Rulio works with modules. Modules should export a function with two arguments, an instace of node-irc (you should check the API) and an object with Rulio's configuration. Client.

Rulio modules should be npm modules.


Here is a module that echos private messages.

On dedicated folder, create a file named echo.js with this:

module.exports = function(client) {
  client.addListener('pm', function (nick, text) {
     client.say(nick, text);

Use npm init to have npm create a package.json, and when set name to rulio-echo and main to echo.js.

Now the module can be published with npm publish and other rulio users could start using it by using npm install rulio-echo. But before publishing we want to test it, and make changes to it. So we use use npm link to debug:

On the module folder:

npm link

On rulio's folder:

npm link rulio-echo

This way, npm will symlink the modules folder to a folder named rulio-echo inside node_modules. This way, the module can be require()d like any installed npm module.

Don't forget to publish your rulio module so we can use it too :) You should add it to our list of rulio modules in the wiki.

Loading modules

Load it in rulio's config.json, by adding it to modules.

"modules": [