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Express server which takes existing RSS feeds, applies transformations then re-hosts them.

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How to use

node app.js


inside conf/ rename default.example.js to default.js

key description
port port to run the server on. defaults to 80
base route to host feeds on. defaults to root /
feeds array of hosted feeds


key description
url url to host the feed on
source source of the rss feed to transform
filters array of filters


key description
key key on the rss feed items to apply the regex to
regex regex to run on the specified key
unescape set to true if the regex matches need to be unescaped before applying transformations
multi can there be multiple regex matches per feed item
replace transformation functions to be called on each matched item. should return the new value. can be applied to link or value Function has two parameters: match - regex match, item - corresponding item from rss feed


  • command line arguments (log level, port, etc...)
  • ability to require module and transform rss feeds programmatically
  • unit tests
  • extra item key transformations
  • ability to combine multiple feeds
  • better logging