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Recursive directory reader with a delightful API

rrdir recursively reads a directory and returns entries within via an async iterator or async/sync as Array. It can typically iterate millions of files in a matter of seconds. Memory usage is O(1) for the async iterator and O(n) for the Array variants.

Contrary to other similar modules, this module is optionally able to read any path including ones that contain invalid UTF-8 sequences.


npm i rrdir
import {rrdir, rrdirAsync, rrdirSync} from "rrdir";

for await (const entry of rrdir("dir")) {
  // => {path: 'dir/file', directory: false, symlink: false}

const entries = await rrdirAsync("dir");
// => [{path: 'dir/file', directory: false, symlink: false}]

const entries = rrdirSync("dir");
// => [{path: 'dir/file', directory: false, symlink: false}]


rrdir(dir, [options])

rrdirAsync(dir, [options])

rrdirSync(dir, [options])

rrdir is an async iterator which yields entry. rrdirAsync and rrdirSync return an Array of entry.

dir String | Uint8Array

The directory to read, either absolute or relative. Pass a Uint8Array to switch the module into Uint8Array mode which is required to be able to read every file, like for example files with names that are invalid UTF-8 sequences.

options Object

  • stats boolean: Whether to include entry.stats. Will reduce performance. Default: false.
  • followSymlinks boolean: Whether to follow symlinks for both recursion and stat calls. Default: false.
  • exclude Array: Path globs to exclude, e.g. ["**.js"]. Default: undefined.
  • include Array: Path globs to include, e.g. ["**.map"]. Default: undefined.
  • strict boolean: Whether to throw immediately when reading an entry fails. Default: false.
  • insensitive boolean: Whether include and exclude match case-insensitively. Default: false.

entry Object

  • path string | Uint8Array: The path to the entry, will be relative if dir is given relative. If dir is a Uint8Array, this will be too. Always present.
  • directory boolean: Boolean indicating whether the entry is a directory. undefined on error.
  • symlink boolean: Boolean indicating whether the entry is a symbolic link. undefined on error.
  • stats Object: A fs.stats object, present when options.stats is set. undefined on error.
  • err Error: Any error encountered while reading this entry. undefined on success.

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