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    Recursive directory reader with a delightful API

    rrdir recursively reads a directory and returns entries within via an async iterator or async/sync as Array. It has minimal dependencies and can typically iterate millions of files in a matter of seconds. Memory usage is O(1) for the async iterator and O(n) for the Array variants.


    npm i rrdir
    const rrdir = require("rrdir");
    for await (const entry of rrdir("dir")) {
      // => {path: 'dir/file', directory: false, symlink: false}
    const entries = await rrdir.async("dir");
    // => [{path: 'dir/file', directory: false, symlink: false}]
    const entries = rrdir.sync("dir");
    // => [{path: 'dir/file', directory: false, symlink: false}]


    rrdir(dir, [options])

    rrdir.async(dir, [options])

    rrdir.sync(dir, [options])

    rrdir is an async iterator which yields entry. rrdir.async and rrdir.sync return an Array of entry.

    dir String | Buffer

    The directory to read, either absolute or relative. Pass a Buffer to switch the module into Buffer mode which is required to be able to read every file, like for example files with names that are invalid UTF-8 sequences.

    options Object

    • stats boolean: Whether to include entry.stats. Will reduce performance. Default: false.
    • followSymlinks boolean: Whether to follow symlinks for both recursion and stat calls. Default: false.
    • exclude Array: Path globs to exclude, e.g. ["**/*.js"]. Default: undefined.
    • include Array: Path globs to include, e.g. ["**/*.map"]. Default: undefined.
    • strict boolean: Whether to throw immediately when reading an entry fails. Default: false.
    • match Object: picomatch options. Default: {dot: true}.

    entry Object

    • path string | Buffer: The path to the entry, will be relative if dir is given relative. If dir is a Buffer, this will be too. Always present.
    • directory boolean: Boolean indicating whether the entry is a directory. undefined on error.
    • symlink boolean: Boolean indicating whether the entry is a symbolic link. undefined on error.
    • stats Object: A fs.stats object, present when options.stats is set. undefined on error.
    • err Error: Any error encountered while reading this entry. undefined on success.

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    npm i rrdir

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