RaspberryPi tool


work in progress, in sudo mode can write to SD card on macs write and get are only resources currently working (on mac)

Use at own risk


rpi-tool [<resource>] <action> <param1> <param2> ...

Lists all images currently available locally rpi-tool list

Runs the installation suite rpi-tool install

Downloads a direct download or torent of a image rpi-tool get [link]

Writes an image to an SD card rpi-tool write [image]

Options: --version, -v print rpi version and exit [string] --colors --no-colors will disable output coloring [boolean] [default: true] --confirm, -c prevents rpi from asking before overwriting/removing things [boolean] [default: false] --raw rpi will only output line-delimited raw JSON (useful for piping) [boolean]