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    The route53-updater module can update a Route 53 Record Set with the current IP or hostname of an machine. This can be useful if you have a single instance running in an auto scaling group. During startup of the EC2 instance you call the route53-updater to update the DNS entry to the new IP.

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    Install route53-updater globally

    npm install route53-updater -g

    Create or update the DNS CNAME entry for to point to the public hostname of the EC2 instance

    route53-updater --action UPDATE --hostedZoneName --recordSetName 


    route53-updater --action UPDATE --hostedZoneId XXXXXXXXXXXXX --recordSetName 

    The assumed defaults are

    route53-updater --action UPDATE --hostedZoneName --recordSetName --ttl 60 --metadata public-hostname --type CNAME

    By default route53-updater will lookup the IP address against the Amazon Metadata Service. If running outside Amazon, you can use the first IPv4 address on an interface by specifying an --iface option

    route53-updater --action UPDATE --hostedZoneName --recordSetName --iface eth0

    The instance running the script needs the following IAM access rights:

    	"Version": "2012-10-17",
    	"Statement": [
    			"Sid": "Stmt1424083772000",
    			"Effect": "Allow",
    			"Action": [
    			"Resource": [

    Supported parameters:

    • action: String (required)
      • UPDATE: Update the DNS entry (delete if exists, and create)
      • DELETE: Create the DNS entry
      • CREATE: Create the DNS entry or fail if existing
    • hostedZoneName: String (either hostedZoneName or hostedZoneId is required) - Name of your hosted zone (Must end with an dot!)
    • hostedZoneId: String (either hostedZoneName or hostedZoneId is required) - Id of your hosted zone
    • recordSetName: String (required) - Name of your record set (XYZ.hostedZoneName)
    • ttl: Number (optional, default 60) - TTL in seconds
    • metadata: String (optional, default public-hostname) - Metadata field to use as the value (
    • type: String (optional, default CNAME) - Type of record set (

    Breaking changes

    Update from 0.2.X to 1.0.X

    No breaking changes!

    Update from 0.1.X to 0.2.X

    Added "route53:GetChange" to the IAM access rights.



    npm i route53-updater

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