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A helper module for selectively compiling a roots project to improve speed in development.

Note: This project is in early development, and versioning is a little different. Read this for more details.

Why Should You Care?

Building sites is great with roots, but once your site gets large enough compile speeds start to slow down, greatly hampering developer productivity.

Roots-ignore provides an easy way for developers bundle different ignore rules together, and then quickly comment in/out each bundle while they're developing in order to have roots ignore different parts of the site during compilation.

Installation & Usage

  • make sure you are in your roots project directory
  • npm install roots-ignore --save
  • define your app.coffee config object
  • pass it into the ignore function along with the ignore rules
  • export the resulting app object

This library should be loaded into your app.coffee, and accepts your app object as an argument along with an array of the "bundles" you wish to ignore.

Ignore rules are defined in a file called ignore.coffee at the root of your project. This file should export an object with your ignore rules. Each key of the object is available as an argument to pass into the array.

Configuring app.coffee

For example I could have an app.coffee file with the following:

yaml    = require 'roots-yaml'
ignore  = require 'roots-ignore'
app =
  extensions: [
    wow: 'such local'
ignore app[
module.exports = app

Sometimes you'll want to have the ignore rules apply only for a specific roots environment. Simply require the main app.coffee file and then pass that into the ignore function.

app     = require './app'
ignore  = require 'roots-ignore'
ignore app[
module.exports = app

Creating ignore rules

Ignore rules are defined in an object exported by ignore.coffee. For example:

module.exports =
    files: ['blogging/**/*''views/blogging*']
    extensions: ['RootsContentful']
        wow: 'such stub'
    hook: (app) ->
      # do whatever you want here 
    files: ['coding/**/*''views/coding*']
    files: ['single/**/*''assets/css/single/**/*''assets/js/single/**/*']
    extensions: ['RootsNetlify']
    files: ['case_studies/**/*''views/casestudies*''views/target*''views/work*']

Ignore Rule Configuration

Each ignore rule can be configured as follows:


takes an array of minimatch patterns and adds it to roots ignores.


takes an array of extension class names and removes them from the compile process.


takes an object that's merged into the roots local objects. good for stubbing data that's no longer present due to an extension being removed.


takes a function that accepts the roots app object as an argument. you can hook into here and manipulate the app object any other way you want.

License & Contributing


npm i roots-ignore

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