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    Rollup Plugin Visualizer

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    Visualize and analyze your Rollup bundle to see which modules are taking up space.




    npm install --save-dev rollup-plugin-visualizer

    or via yarn:

    yarn add --dev rollup-plugin-visualizer

    V5 Upgrade

    Version V5 contains seveal minor breaking changes, depending your current installation take such steps before upgrade:

    • If you are using rollup v1.x, then you'd better to stay on v4 of plugin. I officially stopped support v1 of rolloup myself. Some versions of 1.x will work without issues, but i stop testing myself or add any changes in this direction. If somebody wants to contibute in this direction - welcome.
    • If you use rollup v2.x and use gzipLength or brotliLengthupgrade to rollup 2.44 at least. In V5 i use provided by rollup api to get rendered module code for size estimations, instead of original sources as it was before.
    • In all other case just update the plugin.

    To upgrade plugin change import/require statement like it is shown in installation section.


    Es imports:

    import { visualizer } from 'rollup-plugin-visualizer';
    plugins: [
      // other plugins
      // ....

    Cjs require:

    const { visualizer } = require('rollup-plugin-visualizer');
    plugins: [
      // other plugins
      // ....


    filename (string, default stats.html) - name of the file with diagram to generate

    title (string, default Rollup Visualizer) - title tag value

    sourcemap (boolean, default false) - Use sourcemaps to calculate sizes (e.g. after UglifyJs or Terser). Always add plugin as last option.

    open (boolean, default false) - Open generated file in default user agent

    template (string, default treemap) - Which diagram type to use: sunburst, treemap, network.

    json (boolean, default false) - Produce portable json file that can be used with plugin CLI util to generate graph from several json files. Every UI property ignored in this case.

    gzipSize (boolean, default false) - Collect gzip size from source code and display it at chart.

    brotliSize (boolean, default false) - Collect brotli size from source code and display it at chart.

    projectRoot (string | RegExp, default process.cwd()) - This is some common root(s) path to your files. This is used to cut absolute files paths out.


    This plugin provides cli util rollup-plugin-visualizer. Add --help to check actual options. It can be used like:

    rollup-plugin-visualizer [OPTIONS] stat1.json stat2.json ../stat3.json

    This can be usefull in case you have different config files in the same project and you want to display all of them in the same chart.

    Build plugin

    For development if you need to build plugin, just exec:

    npm run build

    Disclaimer about generated files

    Generated html files do not and never will contain your source code (contents of files). They can contain only js/html/css code required to build chart (plugin code) and statistical information about your source code.

    This statistical information can contain:

    • size of files included in bundle
    • size of files included in source map
    • file's paths
    • files hierarchy (fs tree for your files)




    npm i rollup-plugin-visualizer

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