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    Istanbul unit test coverage plugin for Rollup

    A Rollup plugin to offer seamless integration with code coverage tools

    This is an general coverage report plugin that aim to be up to date all the time with newest NPM packages, and provide stability. Istanbul is used as the coverage engine.


    npm install --save-dev gulp-istanbul

    How to use

    In your Karma config file or Rollup config file:

    import { rollup } from 'rollup';
    import coverage from 'rollup-plugin-coverage';
      entry: 'main.js',
      plugins: [
        // Covering files
          exclude: ['test/**/*.js']


    All options are optional.


    Can be a minimatch pattern or an array of minimatch patterns. If is omitted or of zero length, files should be included by default; otherwise they should only be included if the ID matches one of the patterns.


    Can be a minimatch pattern or an array of minimatch patterns. Files to exclude, commonly the test files.


    An object of options that will be passed to the instrumenter.

    Default value:

      esModules: true,
      coverageOptions: {
        sourceMapID: id,
        sourceMapWithCode: true

    Istanbul is used, so check out the readme for info about other options.

    Browser testing

    For browser testing, you'll need to write the files covered by istanbul in a directory from where you'll serve these files to the browser running the test. You'll also need way to extract the value of the coverage variable after the test have runned in the browser.

    Browser testing is hard. If you're not sure what to do, then I suggest you take a look at Karma test runner - it has built-in coverage using Istanbul.


    rollup-plugin-coverage supports gulp-sourcemaps when instrumenting. Sourcemap support can be activated / disabled with sourceMapWithCode. Set the value to either true or false.

    Known issues and workaround

    There can be issues with other Rollup plugins. In most cases this can be fixed if you place this plugin before the other plugins.


    npm i rollup-plugin-coverage

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