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    Rocket.Chat Bot Driver

    An agnostic interface for bot adaptors to interact with Rocket.Chat


    Rocket.Chat makes it easy for bot makers to provide the best solutions and experience for their community. The internal Hubot and adapter enables chat-ops workflows and multi-channel, multi-user, public and private interactions.

    This package provides the core interface to subscribe to message streams, send messages and query user details.

    We have more bot features and adapters on the roadmap and encourage the community to implement this driver to provide adapters for their bot framework or platform of choice.


    See full API documentation links in the generated docs. Below is just a summary:

    driver.connect(options, cb?)

    • Options accepts host and timeout
    • Returns an asteroid instance
    • Can return a promise, or use error-first callback pattern

    See Asteroid docs for methods that can be called from that API.

    Getting Started

    A local instance of Rocket.Chat is required for unit tests to confirm connection and subscription methods are functional. And it helps to manually run your bot interactions locally while in development.

    Use as Dependency

    yarn add rocketchat-bot-driver or npm install --save rocketchat-bot-driver

    ES6 Module, using async

    import { driver } from 'rocketchat-bot-driver'
    const asteroid = await driver.connect({ host: 'localhost:3000' })

    More to come...

    Develop & Test


    Env var Description
    ROCKETCHAT_URL URL of the Rocket.Chat to connect to
    ROCKETCHAT_AUTH Set to 'ldap' to enable LDAP login
    ADMIN_USERNAME Admin user password for API
    ADMIN_PASS Admin user password for API
    ROCKETCHAT_USER Bot password for tests
    ROCKETCHAT_PASS Bot username for tests
    ROOM_CACHE_SIZE Size of cache (LRU) for room (ID or name) lookups
    ROOM_CACHE_MAX_AGE Max age of cache for room lookups
    DM_ROOM_CACHE_SIZE Size of cache for Direct Message room lookups
    DM_ROOM_CACHE_MAX_AGE Max age of cache for DM lookups

    These are only required in test and development, assuming in production they will be passed from the adapter implementing this package.

    If a .env file exists in the project folder, it will be used by dotenv.

    Installing Rocket.Chat

    Clone and run a new instance of Rocket.Chat locally, using either the internal mongo or a dedicated local mongo for testing, so the bot can't affect any other Rocket.Chat development you might do locally.

    The following will provision a default admin user on build, so it can be used to access the API, allowing bot driver utils to prepare for and clean up tests.

    • git clone rc-bot-test
    • cd rc-bot-test
    • meteor npm install
    • export ADMIN_PASS=pass; export ADMIN_USERNAME=admin; export MONGO_URL='mongodb://localhost:27017/rc-bot-test'; meteor

    Using yarn to run local tests and build scripts is recommended.

    Do npm install -g yarn if you don't have it. Then setup the project:

    • git clone
    • cd rocketchat-bot-driver
    • yarn

    Test Scripts

    • yarn test runs tests and coverage locally
    • yarn test:debug runs tests without coverage, breaking for debug attach
    • yarn docs generates docs
    • yarn build runs tests, coverage, compiles and generates docs

    yarn:hook is run on git push hooks to prevent publishing with failing tests.

    Integration Tests

    The node scripts in utils are used to prepare for and clean up after test interactions. They use the Rocket.Chat API to create a bot user and a mock human user (benny) for the bot to interact with. They should restore the pre-test state but it is always advised to only run tests with a connection to a clean local instance of Rocket.Chat.


    Configs are included in source for VS Code using Wallaby or Mocha Sidebar.


    npm i rocketchat-bot-driver

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