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🚀 Rocket Punch! 🥊

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Rocket-Punch is a tool for creating and publishing directories in a project into NPM packages.

Usually, we use Monorepo to make and publish part of the project as a package, but the use of Monorepo is cumbersome. (Many Config files that occur per package, such as Watch with Transpilers such as TypeScript...)

Rocket-Punch packages and distributes some of the directories inside the project /src directory to NPM without cumbersome settings.

How does it work?

  1. If there are directories @myorg/package-a, @myorg/package-b, and package-c within the directory /src
  2. The rocket-punch build command creates packages in the out/packages directory.
  3. The rocket-punch publish command then publish packages from the out/pckages directory collectively to the NPM.

Basic usage

It's a simple setting.

cd your-project-root
npx rocket-punch-init

A .package.json, .packages.json files are created in the project.

build-packgaes and publish-packages would have been created in scripts in the package.json file.

  • The .package.json file is a common application to the package.json of all packages to be created.
  • The .packages.json file is a list of which files in the /src directory to package build and publish.

Please modify the setting files above to match the packages you will publish.

yarn run build-packages
yarn run publish-packages

Also, if you run the commands above, packages are built / published.


  • Please create directories with the same name as your package name within /src. If your package is @myorg/package1, you can create the directory /src/@myorg/package1.
  • Circular dependency will fail to build. If package1 and package2 refer to each other, the build will fail, so be careful.


  • rocket-punch build
  • rocket-punch publish
  • rocket-punch doctor
  • rocket-punch view

Importable formats

Most Import Types available in Create-React-App are supported. Afterwards, Vite.js' basic import types will also be supported.

  • Plain Text
    • import string from './file.txt'
    • import string from './'
  • YAML
    • import object from './file.yaml'
    • import object from './file.yml'
  • Images
    • import base64String from './file.jpg'
    • import base64String from './file.jpeg'
    • import base64String from './file.gif'
    • import base64String from './file.png'
    • import base64String from './file.webp'
  • SVG
    • import base64String, { ReactComponent } from './file.svg'

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