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Use this package when you want to split a double precision floating point number into a 2-part non-overlapping sequence.

Why would you ever want to do that? Well these sequences are an efficient way to perform exact mathmatical operations on numbers in javascript.


npm install robust-split

If you want to use this in the browser, check out browserify


var rsplit = require('robust-split');
var p = rsplit(0.3);
console.log(p); //[ 2.980232227667301e-9, 
                //  0.29999999701976776 ] 

You could then pass the sequence into [robust-estimate-float](

var num = require('robust-estimate-float');
var r = num(p);
console.log(r) // 0.3 

See the rest of the robust family of packages


This code is pulled from Mikola Lysenko's Robust arithmetic in JavaScript class notes.