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Roboto fontface

A simple package providing the Roboto fontface. The font was created by Christian Robertson.


Assuming you have NodeJS, NPM and Bower installed globally just open up a terminal, navigate to your projects root directory and then execute

# install via NPM
$ npm install roboto-fontface --save

# install via Bower
$ bower install roboto-fontface --save


There're several files in the css/ subdirectory. Import them in your project to have access to "Roboto" font face:

  • css/roboto/roboto-fontface.css - whole font family compiled to CSS

  • css/roboto/sass/roboto-fontface.scss - whole font family in SCSS

  • css/roboto/less/roboto-fontface.less - whole font family in LESS

  • css/roboto-condensed/roboto-condensed-fontface.css - whole font family compiled to CSS

  • css/roboto-condensed/sass/roboto-condensed-fontface.scss - whole font family in SCSS

  • css/roboto-condensed/less/roboto-condensed-fontface.less - whole font family in LESS

  • css/roboto-slab/roboto-slab-fontface.css - whole font family compiled to CSS

  • css/roboto-slab/sass/roboto-slab-fontface.scss - whole font family in SCSS

  • css/roboto-slab/less/roboto-slab-fontface.less - whole font family in LESS

Importing whole family may be unnecessary and lead to huge build, so if you are using SCSS or LESS, you can import only individual weights by importing for example:

  • css/roboto/sass/roboto-fontface-black.scss
  • css/roboto/sass/roboto-fontface-black-italic.scss


Some of the included font files have hinting.

Files Hinting
.eot ?
.svg no
.ttf ?
.woff yes
.woff2 ?