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We all know your code could use some abuse. RoboBuster will help you kick the crap out of your code until it can handle anything.


npm install robobuster

Sample Usage

For more detailed usage see the test.js script.

var assert     = require('assert');
var RoboBuster = require('robobuster');
// Tests are run within whatever scope is passed (ex: this) 
var buster = new RoboBuster(this, 'Name Of Test Suite');
var variableInScope = 'foo';
buster.add('First Test Name', function() {
  // Do anything you want. Test will fail if something throws 
  assert.equal(variableInScope, 'foo');

The output from above test

RoboBuster: Picking on Sample Test Suite
RoboBuster: \
RoboBuster:  |  ✔  Test1
RoboBuster:  \ Finished busting up Sample Test Suite
RoboBuster:   | Passed all 1 tests

Run RoboBuster on Itself

Want to see RoboBuster beat itself up?

# run from root module directory 
npm test