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Material texfield with consistent behaviour on iOS and Android



  • Material design guidelines compliance
  • Consistent look and feel on iOS and Android
  • Animated state transitions (normal, focused and errored)
  • Customizable font size, colors and animation duration
  • Disabled state (with dotted underline)
  • Outlined and filled fields
  • Masked input support
  • Multiline text input
  • Character counter
  • Prefix and suffix
  • Accessory views
  • Helper text
  • RTL support
  • Pure javascript implementation


npm install --save react-native-material-textfield


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import {
} from 'react-native-material-textfield';
class Example extends Component {
  fieldRef = React.createRef();
  onSubmit = () => {
    let { current: field } = this.fieldRef;
  formatText = (text) => {
    return text.replace(/[^+\d]/g, '');
  render() {
    return (
        label='Phone number'


name description type default
textColor Text input color String rgba(0, 0, 0, .87)
fontSize Text input font size Number 16
labelFontSize Text field label font size Number 12
lineWidth Text field underline width Number 0.5
activeLineWidth Text field active underline width Number 2
disabledLineWidth Text field disabled underline width Number 1
tintColor Text field accent color String rgb(0, 145, 234)
baseColor Text field base color String rgba(0, 0, 0, .38)
label Text field label text String -
title Text field helper text String -
prefix Text field prefix text String -
suffix Text field suffix text String -
error Text field error text String -
errorColor Text field color for errored state String rgb(213, 0, 0)
lineType Text field line type String solid
disabledLineType Text field line type in disabled state String dotted
animationDuration Text field animation duration in ms Number 225
characterRestriction Text field soft limit for character counter Number -
disabled Text field availability Boolean false
editable Text field text can be edited Boolean true
multiline Text filed multiline input Boolean false
contentInset Layout configuration object Object {...}
labelOffset Label position adjustment Object {...}
inputContainerStyle Style for input container view Object -
containerStyle Style for container view Object -
labelTextStyle Style for label inner Text component Object -
titleTextStyle Style for title inner Text component Object -
affixTextStyle Style for affix inner Text component Object -
formatText Input mask callback Function -
renderLeftAccessory Render left input accessory view Function -
renderRightAccessory Render right input accessory view Function -
onChangeText Change text callback Function -
onFocus Focus callback Function -
onBlur Blur callback Function -

Other TextInput properties will also work.

Content Inset

name description Normal Filled Outlined
top Inset on the top side 16 8 0
left Inset on the left side 0 12 12
right Inset on the right side 0 12 12
label Space between label and TextInput 4 4 4
input Space between line and TextInput 8 8 16

Label Offset

name description Normal Filled Outlined
x0 Horizontal offset for inactive state 0 0 0
y0 Vertical offset for inactive state 0 -10 0
x1 Horizontal offset for active state 0 0 0
y1 Vertical offset for active state 0 -2 -10


name description returns
focus() Acquire focus -
blur() Release focus -
clear() Clear text field -
value() Get current value String
isFocused() Get current focus state Boolean
isErrored() Get current error state Boolean
isRestricted() Get current restriction state Boolean
isDefaultVisible() Get default value visibility Boolean
isPlaceholderVisible() Get placeholder visibility Boolean
setValue() Set current value -


git clone https://github.com/n4kz/react-native-material-textfield
cd react-native-material-textfield/example
npm install
npm run ios # or npm run android 

Copyright and License

BSD License

Copyright 2017-2019 Alexander Nazarov. All rights reserved.

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