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React ListView Component, port from React Native ListView

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port from React Native ListView (v0.26)



npm install
npm start



online example: http://react-component.github.io/m-list-view/




see examples


Properties Descrition Type Default
dataSource An instance of ListView.DataSource to use ListViewDataSource -
initialListSize How many rows to render on initial component mount. number -
onEndReached Called when all rows have been rendered and the list has been scrolled to within onEndReachedThreshold of the bottom. (event?) => {} -
onEndReachedThreshold Threshold in pixels (virtual, not physical) for calling onEndReached. number 1000
pageSize Number of rows to render per event loop. number 1
renderHeader / renderFooter The header and footer are always rendered (if these props are provided) on every render pass. If they are expensive to re-render, wrap them in StaticContainer or other mechanism as appropriate. Footer is always at the bottom of the list, and header at the top, on every render pass. () => renderable -
renderRow Takes a data entry from the data source and its ids and should return a renderable component to be rendered as the row. By default the data is exactly what was put into the data source, but it's also possible to provide custom extractors. ListView can be notified when a row is being highlighted by calling highlightRow function. (rowData, sectionID, rowID, highlightRow) => renderable -
renderScrollComponent A function that returns the scrollable component in which the list rows are rendered. Defaults to returning a ScrollView with the given props. (props) => renderable -
renderSectionHeader If provided, a header is rendered for this section. (sectionData, sectionID) => renderable -
renderSeparator If provided, a renderable component to be rendered as the separator below each row but not the last row if there is a section header below. Take a sectionID and rowID of the row above and whether its adjacent row is highlighted. (sectionID, rowID, adjacentRowHighlighted) => renderable -
scrollRenderAheadDistance How early to start rendering rows before they come on screen, in pixels. number 1000
contentContainerStyle These styles will be applied to the scroll view content container which wraps all of the child views. Object -
horizontal When true, the scroll view's children are arranged horizontally in a row instead of vertically in a column. bool false
onContentSizeChange Called when scrollable content view of the ScrollView changes. (contentWidth, contentHeight) => {} -
onScroll Fires at most once per frame during scrolling. The frequency of the events can be controlled using the scrollEventThrottle prop. e => {} -
scrollEventThrottle This controls how often the scroll event will be fired while scrolling number 50
onLayout Invoked on mount and layout changes with ({nativeEvent:{ layout:{ width, height }}}) => {} -
renderBodyComponent (web only) render listview body wrapper component () => renderable -
renderSectionWrapper (web only) render listview section wrapper component (sectionID) => renderable
renderSectionBodyWrapper (web only) render listview section body wrapper component (sectionID) => renderable -
useBodyScroll (web only) use html body's scroll bool false
pullToRefresh (web only) Whether enable pullToRefresh, you need use it with rmc-pull-to-refresh bool false


  • getMetrics() - Exports some data, e.g. for perf investigations or analytics.
  • scrollTo(...args) - Scrolls to a given x, y offset(not support smooth animation).


This component is often used in the "Contacts" / "city list" scenes, support for index navigation.

You can use almost all APIs on the ListView.

Note: Only two-step rendering is supported, so that the first screen priority display can be achieved, but if the list data volume is too large, the overall performance will still be affected.

Properties Descrition Type Default
quickSearchBarTop top button object of navigation bar object{value:string, label:string} { value: '#', label: '#' }
quickSearchBarStyle quickSearchBar's style object -
onQuickSearch fire on clicking navigation bar. (sectionID: any, topId?:any) => void -
showQuickSearchIndicator whether show quick search indicator bool false
delayTime delay rendering time setting (for the first screen optimization, the initial rendering of the number of initialListSize data, after which time rendering the remaining data items, ie totalRowCount - initialListSize) number 100ms
delayActivityIndicator the loading indicator for delayed rendering. react node -


ListView has two types of scroll containers:

  1. Partial div container
    • default, note: need to manually set the height of the ListView
  2. html body container
    • set useBodyScroll to take effect (do not need to set height)

please see 0.11.0 upgrade tips.

Test Case

npm test


npm run coverage

open coverage/ dir


rmc-list-view is released under the MIT license.

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