Appends hashes to bundles built by require.js optimizer.


Calculates hashes of bundles generated by require.js. Supports renaming bundle files by given format, plus a few other options. Uses the peg parser used in rjs-build-analysis by Merrick Christensen.

npm install --save-dev rjs-build-hasher
  • buildPath: js/build
  • format: {base}.{hash}{ext} - Format used for new name when renaming (or copying) built files.
  • rename: true
  • copy: false (overrides rename if true)
  • removeOld: true
  • hashSize: 8
    requirejs: {
        compile: {
            options: {      
                donefunction (doneoutput) {
                    var bundles = require('rjs-build-hasher')(output, {
                        buildPath: 'public/js'
                    // save info about built files to configuration 
            grunt.file.write('config/built-modules.json', JSON.stringify(bundles, null, 2));

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Copyright (c) 2013 Dag Einar Monsen. Licensed under the MIT license.