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In heavy development until version 0.1.0. Not nearly usable until then.


There are lots of fine libs for JavaScript/NodeJS out there. Not so much as for frameworks. With React/Webpack/Babel coming to mainstream it's becoming obvious that there's no decent full stack framework embracing those technologies. So the goal of this project is to become Ruby on Rails/Django for modern JS stack. Not nearly ready even for alpha quality prototypes. Wait for 0.1.0.

There are some libs that should be considered base platfrom for Rjanko and chance of them going away is extremly low:

All others should/must be made optional or replacable.


There 2 main goals of this project:

  • make full stack JS developer as productive as possible
  • use as little self written code as possible, rely on well established libraries, avoid bikeshedding at all times
  • make libs other than core (see above) pluggable

Wanna try?

Quick start on a Mac OS X

# install nvm to manage node/npm versions, MongoDB and nginx
brew install nvm mongodb nginx

# make dir for sample project
mkdir myproject
cd myproject

# install latest iojs
nvm install 2.3.0
# make it default (optional)
# nvm alias default 2.3.0

# install Yeoman and its generator for Rjanko
npm install yo generator-rjanko

# run Yeoman generator to scaffold a project
./node_modules/.bin/yo rjanko

# click next couple of times
# Use node foreman to run sample project
./node_modules/.bin/nf start

Head to http://localhost:5000/ to see some models that can be created/updated.




npm i rjanko

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